PC for video editing and the odd game


    I'm looking for a PC for video editing and the odd game or two.
    ideally around 0-700

    I am happy to build myself if I had a good list of parts
    I did see this…845?hash=item25cd98eed5:g:f4YAAOSwc1FXYmmR

    I thought I could start something think that then always add 1080 or similar as an upgrade later on.

    any suggestions and thoughts appreciated



    How odd do you need your games to be?

    Original Poster


    How odd do you need your games to be?


    Here you go mate -…b6X
    £50 more but it's a solid machine. Will be great for a bit of gaming and perfect for production related work

    If you're not worried about boot times then remove the SSD which will bring it down to just below £700 but I personally couldn't live without one. It's worth the investment. Could always get one at a later date
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    If you like the specs of that PC write up a list using them and ask any advice for filling in the gaps.

    Depending on the editing software you use, you could get away with lower specs as most let you render via the graphics cards which is way faster anyway than a processor. So high end processors aren't really required anymore.
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    Never buy a PC like the one posted by the OP unless it is stated up front the brand/model of the PSU. I would bet the contents of my wallet the chances are the PC posted has a £10/15 unbranded PSU that does not confirm to the specs on its labels and likely also is incapable of outputting 350w let alone 500w.

    Spending hundreds on a PC and scrimping on a reasonable quality PSU is a huge mistake, there's no need to spend a fortune on one and there's rarely cause for 1000's of watts of power but going for a good brand (Corsair, Seasonic, FSP, Antec etc) is a must
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    Gtx 1080 is complete overkill and wouldn't improve render times by anything worth the money. The 1080 is more for gamers. A gtx 1060 would be sufficient enough to reduce render times significantly for the price. An SSD in my eyes is essential if you aim to edit as it significantly reduces importing times and depending on how big a project it could reduce waiting times
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