Found 14th Jan
I've noticed they're doing $10 psn credit for £5.75 meaning the $60 or £54.99 preorder for the new south Park with Remastered stick of truth totals at £34.50. I'm just not sure if they're reliable as I saw the deal in here get taken down pretty quickly.

anyone know something I don't?


9.4/10 from over 22,000 reviews.…com

I personally have never used them but a lot of HUKDers do and seem happy with them.

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Awesome! Thanks, at that discount it seems rude not to take advantage of it. Cheers for replying so quick

Yeah, they're great and do these promotions often. Seems I've just missed this one as when I click the banner it says there is no promotion on. Shame

Yup they are fine but preordering is asking for trouble.....preordering a ubisoft game is asking for a lot of trouble.

As a whole it's trustworthy, however haven't personally preordered anything.

If the remastered version of stick of truth is just the game in HD and with the dlc it's not worth £35.
You can complete it in a day even with the subquests and it has little replay value as the plot is very linear.

Great game if your a south park fan but not worth more then about £10-£15.

Buy from them psn Canada credit a lot. Reliable, never had a problem. Recommended
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