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Found 3rd Nov 2007
i brought half life orange box for pc, installed it using steam and enter my serial code for the game. now I dont need the CDs again.

Can i sell this game now or wont i ever be able to because ive used the serial key?
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I think you can still sell them... You can buy PC games preowned in Game etc...
You can only sell the dvds for content - once you activate the product with that serial key the games are then tied to your Steam account, if someone else tried to use it to install the games themselves they wouldn't be able to.

If the games have been purchased online and downloaded through Steam, you can use these DVDs to get the content directly rather than download again. However if you have the content in the first place you can copy it to an external drive or burn it to DVD yourself, this is more useful than the original media as it contains the updates.

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