Posted 19th Dec 2022
hi all

im gonna have a couple of weeks off after an operation so im looking for a couple of pc games if anyones seen them cheap, can be via vpn, i dont play online

call of duty mw2 {the new one}
unchartered {the new one}

or any suggestions similar to above pls

merry xmas all
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    If I ever want to grab a new game, is my first stop

    It includes both Legit and grey sellers, which i think is pretty cool
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    Epic Game have their annual Twelve (Cough Fifteen) days of Christmas FREE promotion. A number of those games are usually older AAA titles. Last years choice included Frostpunk, a dystopian, survival game and Borderlands 3 so definitely worth subscribing to Epic Games, the alternative to Steam.
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    The rebooted Tomb Raider games are similar to Uncharted and are all quite cheap these days. (edited)
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    Steam winter sale starts on the 22nd as well
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