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Nothing says forum to me like a big discussion of PC Games and posting of screenshots

In this thread, feel free to write mini reviews of any games you have played and would like to recommend to others. You can also discuss strategies for these games, and post screenshots of your proud achievements.


Example Posts:

nuclearmonkeysoftware.com/ Narbacular Drop

Nuclear Monkey Software (2005)

In Narbacular Drop you explore a 3D dungeon and overcome obstacles using unique portal gameplay. Its non-violent, low-intensity, simple gameplay appeals to gamers of all ages and skill levels. The unique portal gameplay makes for a very fun and memorable game experience.

The player controls the Princess character who has been captured by the a demon. The demon has trapped her in his dungeon lair, known as Wally. Wally is a sentient dungeon and has the ability to open portal holes on his walls. These portals connect to each other and any object moving into one portal will come out the other. Wally is resentful of his owner demon owner, so he joins with the Princess to help her escape. In exchange, she agrees to free Wally by directing his portal power to vanquish the demon.

The game feels smooth while playing and the controls are very simple as there are very few to learn.
The portal interface is very simple. The left mouse button fires the a blue portal, which appears on the wall, ceiling, or floor in front of the player. The right mouse button fires a red portal.
Like many other action games, the WASD layout is used for movement. The space bar is used to switch between first and third person.
The gameplay is fun and rewarding, and requires little effort to get some fun results.
Score: 9/10

The soundtrack consists only of music but it is still very varied. The score was composed by an in-house team of musicians, and it is available from the game's web site free of charge.
Score: 8/10

Although the graphics might look shabby to frequent players of up-to-the-minute FPS games, the game always runs at a smooth framerate, even on older systems. The graphics do not feel clunky and give the game a retro feel. They are similar in appearance to some of the older Tomb Raider games, with slight updates in texture quality. Also, I think the graphics add atmosphere to the game.
Score: 9/10

The game pleased me overall, and it is probably one of the most outstanding I have seen from an independent developer. What's more, PersonGuy was on the developer team.

This game was also influenced Valve (The guys behind HL2) to make portal, and they have hired many of the original team.
Score: 9/10

Releases and Pricing
It is available for FREE download at nuclearmonkeysoftware.com/nar…tml

Check out these graphics!



In minesweeper you play as yourself. However, you are now a talented minesweeper. Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to flag all of the mines in the field. But don't get too confident, one wrong move and they'll have to employ someone else to pick your limbs off of said field. Be successful and you can stand back and admire your handywork, as well as the smily face now sporting sunglasses.


The gameplay is very smooth, even on low-spec PCs. The controls are simple and only take a matter of seconds to adapt to. Very rewarding gameplay, you feel as if you are a fully qualified minesweeper.
Score: 10/10


There is no sound, which simply adds to the atmosphere. It really puts the pressure on, for a more intense minesweeping experience.
Score: 10/10


Simply immense. The smily face almost looks like you could pick it up straight off the screen. Your heart skips a beat when you make that fatal mistake due to the shear realism of these mines. These game developers need to give themselves a pat on the back.
Score: 10/10


The best game I have ever played. And that's coming from me; a person who has played a hell of a lotta games. It's addictive gameplay lures you in, you can be sitting there playing for days/maybe even weeks. However lack of online play is its only flaw.
Score: 10/10

Releases and Pricing

It's FREE! Just "Start -> All Programs -> Games -> Minesweeper"

Immense graphics.


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