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Found 13th Aug 2017
So I have only recently got myself a gaming laptop and so far so good. I will be using it with my nvidia shield tablet. Now where is the best place to actually buy PC games. Is it best to buy hard copies or digital downloads. Also for digital downloads is cd keys the best and more cheapest place?

Also with games like fifa 17 I already play on my ps4. If I then bought a digital copy can I continue from my ps4 progress or its not possible. Sorry for asking too much just want to get this all right thanks in advance as always.
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Buy digital unless it's cheaper to buy the hard copy. Lots of cheap key resellers so check them all out. I recommend buying steam keys as it's the largest system but origin and uplay have there moments. I wouldn't buy games direct from rockstar as steam tends to have better support.
There's no benefit in buying hard copies.

Unfortunately these days you have to put up with third party junk like steam on a lot of PC games that'll pester you with free trading cards and other advertising.

I find the most game-focused experience it to buy from gog.com but unfortunately a lot of developers make their games steam-exclusive so you have to buy from steam or one of the steam key resellers.

Whether you can transfer saves between different platforms is game specific, but I think it's unlikely for PS4 for most games.
Hmm many thanks all. I think I have definitely made the right choice to move into pc gaming as the options are vast and games seem more reasonable in price thanks.
Check out Bundlestars, some of the stuff is shite, but sometimes you can pick up something you really want at way less than the direct Steam price.

Also, be disloyal, use Origin as well
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