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Found 9th May
Hey all. Have finally biught my self a gaming laptop. Just wondering if anybody can suggest any games to buy to get started. Im pretty open genre wise looking for good deals. Thanks in advance
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Rust, it’s on steam it brings out the worst in people but fun to play, it can take over your time sometimes.

Install steam they have free games as well. Alsoif you buy a game through them and play less than 2 hours in the first week you can get a refund if you don’t like it.
Your question's too broad here - we need some sort of steer given how vast a selection of games are available for PC, though I'd caution against the likes of Rust mentioned above if it's not something that you're familiar with.

In the absence of anything else to guide us, I'd suggest keeping an eye on the (usually) weekly bundles offered from Humble Bundle, over at humblebundle.com, as well as their monthly subscription package that I'd recommend as particularly great value.

If you can wait a month or so, the next big Steam sale will be running from mid-June, which typically offers a wide range of very deep discounts.

Also, have a read of the lists of best games from PC Gamer and Rock Paper Shotgun:
+1 for rust, would recommend playerunknowns battlegrounds for your BR fix,
I would also suggest you buy the valve complete pack on steam, is has CSGO for a competitive shooter as well as half life and portal games, which are probably some of the most iconic PC exclusives

Please check the following sites for deals, sorry not got the time to hyperlink them


Can almost guarantee you will find any steam, origin or uplay game cheaper on one of those sites rather than their respective stores.

P.S Providing your laptop is a decent spec, any AAA multiplatform console title, will generally play very well on your laptop also, so you can consider, games such as assassins creed, call of duty etc etc

P.S.S Welcome to the so called master race, where you will spend most of your time playing indie titles and broken early access games
automatic hyperlink lol
Thanks for your input guys. Its a dell with 8gb ram and a gtx1050 in so not sure if its good enough for AAA or not lol
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