Pc Games Your most Looking Forward To

Just wondered what pc games people are looking forward to playing in 2008, I'm really looking forward to Brothers In Arms Hells Highway


Shade 2, although its actually a mobile game but will be playable on a pc. I played the original Shade before O2 stopped supporting it and PC use is banned for that version.

halo 2 (still haven't bought it, but looking forward to it)

Battlefield Heroes, it is 100% free for everyone. The game is being financed by ads.

Looks a bit like Team Fortress 2, and it doesent require a top end PC/laptop to play.


Spore! I've been waiting for years!

Also any Sims 2 exp packs.

Fallout 3
Far Cry 2

And being optomistic, hoping they'll be released in 2008:

Half-Life 2: Episode Three
Grand Theft Auto IV

BIA:HH all the way (eventho i'll have to get it on the 360) - My PC isnt up to scratch anymore
BIA RTH30 and EIB were great

Dragon age. (If it's released this year and my rig can run it)

Mac OS X 10.6

Elite 4! But it may be 2018 nevermind 2008 or maybe not at all!:-(

battle of britain and arca race sim.

Starcraft 2

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Just download a demo of Armageddon Empires from here crypticcomet.com/ its a download game if you want to buy it, quite a different game not bad, if you enjoyed magic the gathering card game be sure to take a look.
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