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    Looking to build myself a PC that'll play the likes of the BioShock and Fallout series as well as a few up and coming games. I'm completely inexperienced in regards to building my own PC however my main concern is with the parts and getting the best value. I'm looking to spend around £600-700 excluding monitor and peripherals. No need for a HDD either as I've already got a hold of one.

    I've had a go at one but I have no idea whether there are better value components that the ones I've chosen haha.…st6

    CPU: AMD FX-8350. 4.0 ghz 8core £126.74
    GPU: Asus GeForce GTX 770. £238.58
    MoBo: m5A97 R2.0. £59.99
    Memory: Corsair vengeance 8Gb (2x4Gb). £62.16
    Storage: Kingston SSDnow 120Gb. £44.19
    PSU: Corsair CX 600w. £49.93
    Case: Corsair 200r. £44.99
    OS: Win 8 OEM. £72.69

    Like I said if anyone is willing to help whether hat be change the build completely or just certain parts it would be much appreciated. Btw Selling the xbone to make way for this.. Hopefully works out better



    You could probably get a cheaper graphics card and I don't think the performance difference would be too drastic, not sure exactly what card but I've been looking for something around the £150 mark which would be just fine for me (I like to play games at 1920x1080 @60fps on whatever settings it'll work on) but that's just me.

    Too much for the ram, I could have sworn mine was about half that price for 8gb

    Could potentially save a bit of money on the processor and get something cheaper, once you go past £100 you might as well get an intel cpu

    ATI cards are generally cheaper than nvidia cards

    Could possibly save a bit of money on a case but that looks like a good choice

    Could probably get a windows 8 key on ebay and download an iso somewhere, or windows 7 if you're not bothered

    Even with all I just said, your list is pretty solid

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    you could get a better mobo like the m5a99x 2 for a little more and your goin to need an aftermarket cooler unless you want a pc that sounds like a hoover under load . that gpu is too expensive for bang. get a top amd R series for £180 . 8gb of 1600 branded ram should be £50 . I got hyperX for that. Otherwise that looks like a nice build . I personally would save a little more and get a fx6350 black for £85 as you'll probably be upgrading in a couple years anyway

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    Ok, thanks to both of you for the input. I'll have another mess around with the parts picker in a little while and will more than likely look to alternative Graphics card as priority. Thanks again.

    i would personally go for your specs except the graphic card
    you could get a R9 280X or something a bit cheaper
    however your specs are good and for gaming you should be more than fine

    I would shop around for best deals 9n each part rather than buying from one stockist. My £1600 PC was built for £600 by buying when the components were on special offer. This will probably take a couple of months but save you a fortune

    Sound advice from everyone. Definitely ditch that gpu too pricey 280x is more than sufficient and a good 990 motherboard is essential.
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