Pc gaming desktop need help!

    Hi I am trying to get my son a good gaming computer for his birthday and I have roughly £600 can anyone help me. Ps:sorry there isn't any more information don't know a lot about computers. Thank you to whoever helps I appreciate it very much


    Do you have any of the following?

    any other components

    If you do then it makes it easier to work out what to suggest. Are you happy to consider building it yourself (this is a lot easier than you will think it sounds).

    What games is he planning to play and what sort of screen size are you looking for if you need a monitor too.

    Are there are space requirements to work within ie do you have a desk in mind that some larger cases might not fit.

    I have a pc which my wife used for digital is a quality graphics machine and will handle most games, comes with a 24inch hd dell screen..message me if interested and I will give you the full specs.

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    Got everything except the desktop and birthday is in a week so I don't think I could build one just want something pre built erh and as for the games he plays shooter games cod etc. thanks for helping mate

    I was in exactly the same position and price bracket as you. I went for one from Fresh Tech Solutions, after some advice from HUKD members. I can recommend them 100%.…956

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    Thanks happydundee

    Says I don't have permission to view those. However the likelihood of getting a decent rig for your money from Currys or pc world is slim to feck all!

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    Ok lol

    I'd be trying to shoot for a quad core. Gfx card will need at least 2gb, also need 6gb of ram minimum these days. I'll have a quick look around for a prebuild but I always build my own for best value.

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    Ok thanks

    Thhe curry's link looks decent actually. Probably could get it built cheaper, but the components are fine for a £600 gaming PC.

    What about building one yourself? Excellent for learning as well. Perhpas drop a post here to ask for recommendations on what to get with your budget…pc/
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