PC Gaming Headset

    Hello i am looking to purhcase basically a pc mic as i have recently moved into PC gaming. I already have a 5.1 surround for my pc so i am looking for one that is similar to the wireless Xbox 360 one so that i can still listen to my surround but have the mic seperate for voice to play through. Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated. (up to £20)

    something like this (…tml?searchstring=Headset&searchtype=PCSH&searchfilters=s{Headset}%2bc{420}%2b&pa=search&page=search&d=1&ob=4&urlrefer=search#)

    but i was also looking at this…tml?searchtype=PCSH&searchsource=0&searchstring=Headset&urlrefer=search&strefer=PCSH&searchfilters=s{Headset}%2bc{420}%2b

    Any ideas

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