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    I have decided to venture into PC Gaming. Time to release my 2 spare Xbox 360s and a PS4 on to gumtree. Hanging on to the Xbox one because I have lots of friends on it.

    I have pretty much decided on the PC parts and ordering at the weekend.

    I am really interested in it because I want to try Elite Dangerous/Eve/Star Citizen but of course will be playing pretty much everything else as well.

    As a console gamer, I have made friends by chatting to people in open lobbies on Xbox live and psn.

    How does it work on PC? Is there game lobby chat? Do you need to know someone beforehand and use Skype. I am just so unfamiliar with it and would appreciate an introduction to how it all works please.


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    Depends on the game but generally you pick up friends when you play then either Skype/IM/IRC or Mumble/Teamspeak. When you have a Keyboard and mouse it is much easier to chat in game.

    Been playing Elite Dangerous for a few weeks now and I am disappointed to say the least. Was hoping for Eve with proper flight control but it is really an online single player unlock game. I'm holding out hope for Star Citizen but the MMO aspect doesnt get released for some time.

    If your on Steam for example you can join a community for a specific game, like CS, COD so on and so forth, and you can meet people that way through the forums and chat rooms they have. Or if they don't have one try and go to the website forum for the game, show yourself and participate until you meet people. But as far as I know most modern games on the PC have in game lobbys/chat ability akin to Xbox/PlayStation anyhow, so you really shouldn't have to do anything really different, but I guess that might depend on the game.

    Also, while I've not used it in a while, as not really been gaming on the PC much, Playfire is a pretty decent place to find games and people.

    It might seem quite intimidating compared to how straight forward/streamlined console gaming is (am not saying that in a negative way) but once you get a handle of everything, you'll be a pro in no time!

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    Ah cheers for that, it is a bit daunting. Like first day at a new school. My eldest (16) is a PC gamer but I can't ask him anything because I don't speak caveman, and besides, if he thought there was something I didn't know then his respect for me will fall even more :-)

    It's Elite that has been pulling me so I hope I don't find it as disappointing. I read about a group of people working together to visit, map and record all of the star systems. Sounds interesting.
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