PC Graphics Card Upgrade

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Found 25th Oct 2008
I am looking to upgrade my pc with a reasonable graphics card for gaming. I have the following motherboard thats about 18 months old.

My screen asus vw192s (1440x900)

I've got Intel Core 2 Duo chip, & 2gb corsair ddr2 ram - (May upgrade to 4gb soon)

Im on a budget so hopefully I can pick up one at good price (not looking for top of the range!)
I just ordered Command & Conquer so gotta work with this.


I have a Nvidia 6800GT (Cant remember if its a 128 or 256mb ram version) but it plays C&C, I upgraded to a bells & whistles GPU about 6 months ago. you can have it for a £10 + what ever the postage is.

people seem to swear by this ebuyer.com/pro…974

my friend has the above, no complaints, uses DDR3 too

slightly more budget but this is also a good card for price, I have the X1300 Pro which is not quite as good and it plays COD4 at a playable level


What would you consider a good price? £150? £100? £50? £30?

The 4850 at around £110 is popular, or if you want to spend less than a 9600GT at around £70 like ]this one is a pretty good buy too. If it's just for C&C3 you probably don't need the 4850 at that relatively low resolution, I've got one and it'll run the demo fine on maximum settings at 1920x1200 which has nearly twice the pixels (1.3m vs. 2.3m).
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