pc guys help please

    My uncle is getting an acer g7700 gaming pc and says i can have one of the graphic cards out of it.My question is at the moment he has sli as he has 2 x 9600 gtx grahic cards if i remove one (i know about the thing on top etc that gives sli)will i have to do anything in bios settings or regarding the sli that now wont exist.or will it work without doing anything to it.hope it makes sence if not please ask and dont attack me verbally


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    how can I attack you verbally on a forum? Link you to an audioboo or summut?

    short answer: without knowing the mobo its impossible to say. You could well need to change a setting, but the likelyhood is you can remove the second card, and the bios will load up in a sort of sfe-defaults mode, and video will be on card 1 by default.
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