PC Heatsink question for someone who might know?!?

    New processor and heatsink/fan has just arrived, took the old one off and when I went to put the new one on the plastic part on one side that the sink fits to snapped off, so now the heatsink isnt held on super tight.
    What I want to know is if you can buy replacement plasticy bits to go on the motherboard and also how mad I would be to run the system without having the heatsink firmly attached, just sitting on the chip?



    Which motherboard is it, what plastic bits exactly? Are they attached to the heatsink or the motherboard?

    Oh, and do not turn it on without securing it some how. Either with a replacement or a cable tie or similar as a temporary measure.

    If you don't have good thermal contact with the CPU then the failsafes where the PC will reboot when it gets too warm will not work and you'll probably fry it!

    You can get the plastic bits (retention brackets) for the motherboard from various places online by Googling…=enEdit: just use the correct motherboard and socket-type AM2/939/etc to find the right one for you.
    Or maybe from somewhere like Maplins, RS Components and places like that.

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    Thanks, will take a looksie on those sites, the model of the board is :- GA-M61PME-S2P am fitting a 5050e AMD x 64 to it.


    some aftermarket heatsinks insist on removing those so you may get some joy from a wanted ad.
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