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    my friend is selling this pc thinikin of buying for son thing is he into gaming do you think this good deal and is it any good fro gaming help plzzzzzzzz
    fijutsi seimans computer with flat screen monitor, windows xp, comes with keyboard mouse, in excellent condition, bargain at 350.0.v.n.o. the monitor is a 17inch. 2.00gb 1.024.00mb total memory . graphics nvidia .ge frorce. 7600gs, nvidia card has been updated with 256mb. ram , has not been used much as we have bought a laptop, comes with books & discs.askin price is 350


    Should be ok for older games. My setup is similar and still plays modern games.

    Price seems a bit high though.

    too expensive.

    Flat screen monitor is this TFT or just flatscreen CRT? Either way I think you can get more for less with a self build, the specs are fairly poor by todays standards, although you havent stated the processor but judging by RAM and Graphics specs, id base my assumption on that.

    If its a TFT monitor id say price maybe worth £220-£240 tops, CRT monitor £170-£180 ish

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    thank you am really lost when comes to pcs but cant seem to find cheapish gaming one:oops:

    As has been stated, Depends how old or new the games you want to play are.

    I have a very similar setup, almost the same. It plays modern games at about mid settings 30-40fps, but older (1year ish) High settings 60 fps.

    Theres a lot of factors to it though.


    If its a TFT monitor id say price maybe worth £220-£240 tops, CRT monitor … If its a TFT monitor id say price maybe worth £220-£240 tops, CRT monitor £170-£180 ish

    I'd second that

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    its a tft monitor what u reckon think i find better one somewhere ? any help greatly appreciated

    For that money, You could probably build your own. But as you said your not good with PC's so that could be a problem...


    17inch. 2.00gb 1.024.00mb total memory

    That makes no sense!

    Is the 2.00gb referring to the CPU? If it is, what is it Core 2 Duo? If its not, it sounds like a pretty old machine and not worth more than 200 notes in a secondhand market.


    way too expensive

    worth about £200 max.
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