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    Hi, my PC looks like its life is coming to an end...and I have heard/read alot about people building their own for a much cheaper price. I dont need a screen, just the actual base. I would want it to be pretty much top of the range and was wondering if there are any particular sites to go to, or if anyone else who is good in this field could help. Maybe by giving a rough price it should be? I have no idea whatsoever on how to go about this....


    This is not something that you should attempt unless you are Pc and component savvy, its easy to assume that building a pc for yourself is a simple task but with little knowledge this can prove to become a difficult and expensive option. If you do have some knowledge or at least know of someone that does then this ]site is a good one to find your components however their prices are not the best and alternative suppliers often have the kit available at lower cost. hope this helps

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    Oh, ok. Thanks for the advice. Would there be any websites which make the custom build Pc for you? Or are the prices in shops now basically as cheap as its going to get?

    to be honest with you, it depends on what you are looking for and what your needs are? if you are a serious gamer then yes I would recommend getting a custom build or building one yourself (if you have the knowledge!) however if you are an infrequent gamer and mainly use your pc for browsing the net and the odd word document/photo storage etc then you can pick up some really good deals from most online retailers or you could always bite the bullet and visit your local pcidiots sorry you will probably know it better as pcworld.

    There are several places that will supply a motherboard/RAM/Processor bundle...all you need to do is fit it into a case, add a PSU and hard drive, dvd drive etc

    I believe Novatech do bundles such as this

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    Hmmm... Only game il prob play is a bit of football manager. You need a pretty decent Pc to run that. And then just the usual web browsing and watching films. Got my current Pc connected to ma Sony LCD so obv dont need a screen. I'll just have to look around for some bargains. Should I stay away from acer and all the low end 'brands'? Thanks for your help!

    Try asking on here, some members will help you gather a list of compatible components for you, then just need fitting together. Also try [url][/url], there sometimes the cheapest for components.

    I wouldnt really consider Acer a lower brand...they are great value for money

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    I wouldnt really consider Acer a lower brand...they are great value for … I wouldnt really consider Acer a lower brand...they are great value for money

    hmm... jus that they're a lot cheaper then other brands like dell, hp, etc some with pretty similar specs. So was wondering if the qualitys poor because of this?
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