Found 15th Mar 2009
Hey, i have 2 cd drives in my pc and when i insert a disc nothing happens, it doesn't recognise anything on them, one of them is sony and not sure about the other 1. the sony 1 is a cd drive and the other is a dvd rw drive.

Any advice on getting these to work would be great!!

Cheers, Seanbwfc

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If you open up 'My Computer' do they show there?

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yeah they both show up, but when i open them nothing happens, the cd-rw says insert disc! lol i've gone into device manager and they show up on there to

Tried running one drive at a time? could be a power supply issue, not saying it is but have had that prob before.

It could be a power problem but, if not, I'd guess some Windows drivers have got corrupted. Try booting from a CD - if that works then it's almost certainly Windows. You could then try reinstalling Windows - that might solve the problem.

Delete the drivers (one at a time) and then search for drivers on windows

Try booting from a CD - if that works then it's almost certainly Windows.

Assuming booting from a CD works, before reinstalling Windows try removing the drives in the device manager - then restart Windows and see if they work after that.
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