Found 23rd Sep 2009
my laptop crashed and i have installed the new disc thing but now my pages are massive and stretched looking i dont know how to get it back to normal as it is a bit fuzzy looking i have tried the text size and stuff so dont know what to do now thanks all

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right click in your desktop and go to properties. you will probably need to adjust the screen resolution - its under the 'settings' tab.

1st u need to change the screen resolution, try 1280x760. But try and find the proper one by searching ur model no in google.

lol, someond beat me to it....

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thanks guys it does look better now but smaller! and not fuzzy :-)

change your desktop to something like 1024x768 by right clicking on destop got to properties and select settings tab
move slider to change resolution.

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right just need to get my old files back over! what a nightmare

you will also probably need to install the graphics drivers for the laptop. If you haven't got them on disk, you should be able to get hold of them from the manufacturers website.

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thanks it is now saying my security is out of date!
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