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Found 20th Oct 2009
I have a massive problem with the Services within Windows XP

I cant find the password for starting a service at logon, the username is
NT AuthorityNetworkService
This is very annoying because the service i want to enable is dependant on many other services, so they are all not working

Thanks allot!
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There isn't a password for that "account" as it isn't really an account in the fullest sense of the word.

If it isn't starting, there may be more sinister issues going on. Can you change the user id it uses to logon with to a local account with a password you know?
Thanks allot to the reply mate, i'll give you some more detail

I was messing around with the following services to get my new Xbox360 wireless adapter to pick up my PC for media sharing.

SSDP Discovery Service
Universal Plug and Play Device Host
Windows Media Network Sharing Service

I was intending to restart the services and just check them out. But what I did was changed the logon to local system account (which is stupid in hindsight). So they are now Local services, and I can change them back to network services because of this password issue.

If i leave the password blank for the NT user, I moans about the dependencies passwords being different, but i made them all identical.

Hope this helps!!
Sorry mate - only just seen this. Unless someone can assist in the meantime I'll check what I have on my machine tonight. My work lappy doesn't have the media sharing service installed. But the UP&P service is running under NT AUTHORITY\LocalService which by default has a blank password
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