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    Hi, when i type the top row numbers, its coming up with the top letters. Like is i press three it will come up £. how do i turn this off?



    Shift key stuck down?


    i mean `shift key` stuck

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    I've tried keep pressing it but still the same, its on a laptop btw. dunno if this makes a difference?

    is your capslock on??

    Its either the "shift" key stuck. Tap on the "shift" key couple of times and it should fix itself. If it doesn't try holding down both (left and right) "shift" keys down for some time and it should correct itself. Good luck.

    put your number lock on to type numbers


    is your capslock on??

    capslock has nothing to do with it...:?

    Oh I think it might be the control key.
    A friend had that prob with her no '2' and she had to hold down the control key to correct it!

    Check it's not stuck down (either one).
    Might need to reset otherwise.
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