PC help (again) please screen icons & fonts HUGE!

    I'm asking here as everyone was so helpful last week,after sorting out the partitions on the hdd the pc was running ok,now I link it up with its monitor that was working fine on another pc and the screen looks awful,everything is HUGE and I mean HUGE,tried display properties and it wont let me change anything,looked in device manager and have the yellow exclamation/question marks up for ethernet controller,multimedia controller and video controller,tried to put the restore disc in and see if it could find the drivers from there but no joy,please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can sort this out

    a big thanks in advance


    have you tried changing your screen resoluton ? go to screen setup and change from there sorry if this is wrong but im also not that with comps !!

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    yeah tried that it wont let me change anything

    I'm guessing you need to install the drivers for the graphics on the PC, have a look and get the model number of the graphics interface. Then Google the model number and 'driver' then install it, you should get the proper resolution options and be able to change them.

    Look in 'My Computer' and click on 'View System Information' on the left hand side and then in the window that opens up click the 'Hardware' tab. On this tab you click 'Device Manager' and then open up 'Display Adaptor' and it should tell you what graphics you're using.

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    i cant see anything resembling graphics interface in the control panel?

    In 'Device Manager' you'll also see the details for the ethernet controller, etc, just Google them again for drivers and download and install them. If you need any more help then let us know and we'll advise!

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    it doesnt show display adapter and the ethernet controller etc all say device unknown

    For the video adapter with the yellow exclamation mark, delete it and then refresh the hardware devices. If it is still with the yellow exclamation mark after you refresh. It is obviously then not picking up the correct display driver. What you have to do then is to go into hardware properties of this video adapter and then select a display adapter manually. I would install the standard low resolution microsoft default vga display driver first. Once you have this in control then you can install the display driver for your specific display card.

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    thankyou now have it working properly
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