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    Turned my pc on last night to check my emails, when i turned it on again this morning the following message came up


    The pc won't start up, just goes to a screen that asks for a boot up device to be plugged in...

    Completely baffled, the PC is almost brand new, XP, quad core, 8gb of ram...

    Any idea what this means?


    just a question make sure u aint got any usb drives plugged in cos sometimes it will look for an os on the usb memory sticks

    Make sure that the hard drive is plugged in securely...

    You meant IDE not IED. What I think happened is either the Hard disk power cable has been disconnected or the Hard disk drive is not powering up. The message simply means the hard drive which I believe is the IDE master drive cannot be found by the Bios. Is the computer branded or you built it yourself/someone.

    Hate to say it but Hard Drive is down...Open the box and there will be a red lead if its Sata or a ribbon lead going to the Hard Drive...Check if this is loose and push in if neccessary and hope. You can put a repair CD / DVD in though as it seems this boots first...If not Take back for new Hard Drive ..Good Luck :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    No way of recovering the files on the hard drive? I unplugged and plugged everything back in, but nothing, same error message...

    almost new pc, quad core, 8gb ram and its runing IDE hard drive for OS:w00t:

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    almost new pc, quad core, 8gb ram and its runing IDE hard drive for … almost new pc, quad core, 8gb ram and its runing IDE hard drive for OS:w00t:

    I have no idea what that means, it uses Vista

    You said XP earlier?

    Quad core and 8gb is crazy!!

    The boot priorities might have been changed, can you enter setup?

    Unplug the cd drive from the cable then put that plug into the hard drive. Probably won't work but you never know. The cd shouldn't be on the same cable as the hard drive anyway.....
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