PC help needed, looking for a TV card

    Can any one point me in the right direction please?

    Im looking for a TV card & cables so i can hook up my PC to my TV so i can record programmes direct off my TV to my PC to watch at a later time. as i would prefer to store things on my hard drive instead of dvds/videos

    Both the the TV & PC are in the same room but there is about the 12/13 feet ish in between each.

    WIll any TV card do the job?
    What software would i need or would it come with the TV card?
    Can i buy cables long enough to reach from the PC to the TV or would i need to bring them closer to each other?



    type "VIVO" in to search on evilbay, that will bring them up. A 128, or 256 will suffice, cheap, unless you are wanting HD?

    try theses sites for more info


    essentailly the tv card has a receiver in so you don't record "off" the TV but straight from card to hdd, fyi sky doesn't like you doing this and it is often a lot of hassle to hook up subscription cable or sat services but freeview is excellent
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