PC Help needed, problem with Vista desktop.

    When I turn on my home pc (Vista) it starts up ok, asks for the password, goes through all the blah, then the screen goes black and it opens the windows explorer, if you then close or minimise explorer its just a black screen ???? My desktop seems to have disappeared ??? If you click on anything in the explorer box that opened it all works, ie you can go to favourites to link to websites etc.

    Can anyone with some pc know how help me.....



    spyware, virus, malware, do all the scans or do a system restore

    I would agree with a system restore

    Original Poster

    Excuse the ignorance, but how do I do a system restore ?

    Click start (or if the taskbar isn't available press the windows key on your keyboard) and type in "system restore" in the box. Then choose an available restore point date from the options it gives you. Pick a date before the error started happening and continue through the instructions.

    Go to start, all progames, click on accessories then system tools, choose system restore....... you can then choose a restore point a day or so before your computer started to 'act weird' follow the instructions & your comp' will be restored back to the date you selected.

    Sounds like u have accidentally changed the "shell" to explorer in which case u might need to boot in safe mode to run system restore.
    use f8 on boot to get to safe mode menu

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    Thanks for all your suggestions guys, will try it out.

    Your dodgy copy of Vista has expired

    If it's not a dodgy copy, then you need to register it :thumbsup:
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