pc help please

    hi there, i am wanting to make my pc and been looking through ebuyer and this is what i came up with…706……228……481……830……224……879 X4……832……010……608……255

    can any1 recommend any better options?? i already have a ati x1800xt graphics card, and also i wanna pay half now and half on finance, does any1 know how long it takes for ebuyer to give u a credit check cos it says they wont ship until finance contract is complete, thanks


    Some pretty nice stuff there. Although I'm not sure about that keyboard, far too much like a laptop kb for my liking. How about something like this: ]http//ww…976 instead

    mingmong - kingston ram is better value - ]£48 per set of 2gb. You can save a lot buy splitting your order up and google-checkout - the savings by paying this way on credit card might outway any finance deal.
    if you briefly state what the items are (eg Crucial DDR2 1GB) and their price it will mean others are more likely to help you I reckon as they don't have to find it out for themselves

    BTW, general tip for all, when you quote an ebuyer link, if you use the format below it loads quicker and looks neater on the forum:…608
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