PC Help/Advice needed please!!

My computer has died after 6 long years of service, motherboard gone. Looking for help/advice as things have moved a long way since I last purchased a PC.

Only really use PC for e-mails, internet browsing, odd game and access to hard drives via router to xbox. I have 3 external drives so only looking for a PC with reasonable processor and graphics, not a huge amount of internal storage, 4gb of ram, wireless not required and a DVD /CD writer. Would be good if there was a spare slot to put DVD writer from old machine and a couple of USB 3.0 ports but not essential.

This seems to fit the bill below at £329 with possible 10% off and quidco but would be perfect if a little less internal memory, say 320GB and a couple of extra USB ports. (h40059.www4.hp.com/uk/…php?id=XS618EA&experience=direct)

Compaq SG3-350UK Desktop PC
Free Delivery
£ 329 inc VAT

* Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) for superior digital entertainment
* An AMD Athlon II X2 245 processor for outstanding performance
* 4GB memory for top system performance & running multiple applications
* 750GB hard drive for storing all of your digital files
* The latest ATI Radeon 3000, with up to 1.87GB total available graphics memory
* USB Keyboard and Mouse
* Create silkscreen-quality disc labels with LightScribe, watch movies and more with the Double Layer DVD RAM writer
* 1 year, pick-up and return, warranty for peace of mind

Any feedback if this is good value or suggest an alternative??

One last thing can I take the old SATA HDD from the broken computer and put it in a case to connect to the new one via USB without additional power supply??

Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.


You could build your own/semi build your own pc with much better specs for the money. However how about this dinopc.com/sho…htm
You could add your own ram making it up to 4-8gb reasonibly cheaply and if in the future you can always upgrade the on board graphics by adding your own in (if you want to game).
Edit: You can most likely add your old HDD as a second HDD inside the case by mounting it in a spare 3 1/2" bays and connecting it up to the power supply and the motherboard. It's pretty easy to do
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Thanks for that, didn't come across Dino through Google. Have you used them, they OK? Also how do AMD compare with Intel or is there no real difference the level I am at?

I'm not gonna suggest either way - cpubenchmark.net/
Here is a benchmark site - just find the cpu you want to compare - its generally pretty accurate for your level - it doesn't consider things like efficiently mind.
I haven't used but I know someone who has - look at some reviews google.co.uk/sea…ews
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Also bare in mind you don't tend to write reviews if everything goes fine... Only when stuff goes wrong! haha
And looking at reviews they don't have great customer service and slow delivery times but if that stuff doesn't really bother you it should be fine!
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Thanks for the advice.
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