PC in time for christmas

Posted 11th Dec 2019
I'm looking for a pc able to run newer fps games at good frames. max budget is £900 including vat. so far the best I've been able to find with windows 10 installed is a
i5-9400f with a rtx 2060 and 16 gb of corsair vengeance ram for £898 cyberpowersystem.co.uk/sys…115 any better deals you can find would be much appreciated.
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Don’t buy prebuilt, buy the parts separate and build yourself and save a couple hundred which can get you better parts. There is many YouTube tutorials on how to build which is pretty easy to do
Also you dont need to spend hundreds on a windows liscense
As the above have said, but if your not confident in building them and you get a faulty part you won’t know which it is, it will be a headache specially if it’s a present. You seem to be going in the right direction, keep looking have you tried Ebuyer, scan, Novatech and dinopc... I would keep away from eBay as there not good...
I dont think ill buy parts as if it somehow doesnt work it would be difficult and time comsuming. ive found a better deal at AWD IT that i think ill buy.
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