PC / Laptop (Pre-Built) Advice.

Posted 5th Feb 2021

I am looking to buy either a gaming laptop or PC I’m open to either. (Pre-built).

It will be connecting to my LG CX TV. For casual gaming mostly. Plus video / picture editing as well (amateur photographer / videographer). The most demanding type of games I can think of I’d play Call of Duty / Destiny , Casual games. Something like Railway Empire which probably would run on a 10 year old PC.

Also looking for something that’s relatively future proof, I am no tech wizard when it comes to PCs, I’m using a MacBook Pro for work related tasks at the moment. I have had Windows laptops in the past so am familiar to a degree with the operating system.

Ideally I’d like the PC / Laptop to run pretty quiet.

It will have to be pre-built and from a reputable place. (Please don’t message me saying you have one for sale or can make one) unless you have reputable feedback that can be proven.

If it’s a reputable website you recommend either point me in the direction of a pre built unit I can buy or a custom one with a list of the things I should add to that custom build.

I’m not interested in fancy colours that are on constantly, I wouldn’t mind them if there’s an option to turn them off (and customise them) but if they are you be on constantly then that’s something I wouldn’t want.

(Edit: not sure if this will make a big difference or not but the room it will be in can reach temperatures of 29c maximum of it’s a very hot summer, usual summer temperature I’d say around 22c-26c)

Budget. Under £3K preferably.

Lastly. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
Take Care
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