PC monitor (shortage?)

Posted 24th Apr
hi there,

just built a gaming PC and I need a monitor to go with it, at the moment I'm running it through my TV for gaming which is fine but ideally I'd like to move to a monitor so it can be used as a workstation aswell.

I'm hunting for deals for a monitor but they all seem really expensive at the moment- should I wait till some deals come around? I'm after either 24" or 27". Everything seems to be out of stock and I'm guessing that's because of covid and people working from home. can anyone recommend anything good for around £100?
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What are your specs? I'm interested in getting new parts too
People working at home. More people decided to make gaming PCs right now etc.

Don't know about other sites but give box.co.uk ago. Got mine there before and a quick glance have a number of different ones in stock
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toge24/04/2020 12:55

What are your specs? I'm interested in getting new parts too

I went pretty cheap as it's my first one and I am only really a light gamer.
Specs are
Ryzen 5 1600 AF - the CCL one from HUKD
16gb Crucial ballistix
512GB integral nvme - cheapest nvme I could find
Corsair vs450
Sapphire RX570 itx from eBay for £61
Element gaming case from ebuyer only £20
And msi b450ma pro max motherboard

Overall it has performed really well, totals come to about £370 if I'm correct in my maths.
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