PC Monitor with TV...what else do you need to watch the tv

    Hi i appreciate this sounds stupid but we have an old pc that i use regularly. We also have two laptops that are more up to date.
    If i just get a new monitor with the tv option what else would i need.
    Presumably i need to be near a tv socket or is it something that happens through the computer.
    Does the computer need anything.
    I am wanting to keep costs down as this is the third computer in the house.
    Thanks for any help you can give.


    I think with a PC monitor with TV you get the aerial input at the back of the Monitor so you will to have the cable. The TV does not go through the PC (it's like changing channels 1 for the PC and another for the TV)

    But if you have a TV that has got a PC input then you are very likely to get scart sockets, hdmi, etc as well which you could use to connect your SKY box, PS3, etc, etc.

    Either way you need the TV cable to watch TV

    I hope this helps.

    Original Poster

    Thanks i will definitely make more enquiries now that i have more knowledge.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.:thumbsup:
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