PC not responding

    PC not responding

    It all started off when i used the Revo Uninstaller Pro software. I was trying to uninstall Norton Internet Security software. I went on uninstalling Norton and the PC turned itself off in the middle of the operation.

    I have tried doing the following, the PC stays on 1-2 minutes then turns off Everytime.

    1. The basic turning it on and off again

    2. Factory reboot, Alt and F10 from hardrive

    3. Factory reboot, F12 and Acer recovery discs

    4. Bios setup, Del Setup from Cdrom and Hardrive reboot.

    5. Taken out ram and put it back in.

    Would the hard drive be broken?


    Why did you just not use the Norton Removal Tool?

    As it is written by Norton I would trust it a little more than a 3rd party uninstaller.…_US

    When the computer starts regularly tap the F8 key as it is booting until a menu appears. Try the "Last Known Good Configuration" option. If that doesn't help then reboot again the try "Safe Mode". Then run the uninstaller again.
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