PC not working, any ideas?

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Found 28th Dec 2009
Had it at parents for the week and took it back on train, when it powered on it got stuck at "checking NVRAM" and I left it about 10 minutes and nothing so turned it off at mains.

This time it got to a black screen but got past the bios screen.

I removed the mouse and keyboard and it got to the starting Windows screen then went black and stuck, same for the next 2 power ons.

According to google the best thing is to remove all things like pci cards and hard drives then reattach them.

Just wondered if anyone had any experience with this.

I am posting from laptop btw.

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Try changing RAM modules? :?

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Try changing RAM modules? :?

Hmm havent tried that yet, just hate taking pc apart since its a small case so its easyish to get ram out but a pain to get back in and takes ages to get all pci cards out since theres barely enough space lol.

As google you have a loose component that is not seated correctly or a hard drive wire that has come loose

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I have removed all the components and leaving it a bit to put it back in.

Only put in the min 1 memory stick, 1 hard drive etc if the board has on board graphics and you have a card as well, leave it out.

Then turn on, if machine ok keep adding parts then see if ok again.

When or if the p.c. dont boot you will know from the last part you fitted is faulty

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Got it working in the end, took a few attempts though, I ended up wiping a bit of WD40 on the ram and slotting it back in and it worked as it wouldnt poweron loads of times after I rebuilt it.
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