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Hey, i was just looking at the maplin website and came across this:…439

What do you think of this? Is it anygood or just all junk?

I'm thinking of building a pc and using this, or is it better to buy other parts?


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Parts bought seperately at ebuyer is under £160, so not really great value, your better off picking and choosing more appropriate bits (the 1GB ram stick is pretty pointless, and you would be better getting a cheaper motherboard and better graphics card than using 8500gt hybrid sli)

Are you wanting to build, to try building one, or are you looking for the best deal/price for a new puter? If you are looking for the best deal/price, have a look about, as there has been a few puters on here in the last month that you literally couldn't build for the price....

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Hey, im looking to build it next friday when i get paid so i really wanna get it all sorted it by then. Not wanting a gaming pc just a good performance 1 really, i live near scan, is that a cheap place to get ALL the parts from?

usually works out cheaper making your own so I'd probably stick with that, you know your gettin quality components that havent just been thrown in because they're cheap. Ebuyer forums is great for advice on what parts to get, is crazily cheap for RAM at the mo so I reccomend getting that from there unless you're after extreme performance stuff =]

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not really after extreme performance just performance, ebuyer forum?

Just go to then there's a link to their forum at the top right (not on pc at the mo so can't link) there are some really helpfull people on there

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Ok, whilst i wait for my ebuyer registration i just wanna ask a few things, when buying a barebone case with a psu in it, what type of W? am i after and what does it mean? also, could i get the same parts as above from scan for same price? Cheers

Most of the time its best to get a seperate PSU as the ones that come with the cases aren't that great. But saying that I've had cheap PSU's and also expensive ones for 8+ years and never had a problem with any, so its up to you but people will most likely tell you to buy an expensive one. The PSU wattage depends on what components you get for your computer, so decide on them first and then choose your PSU or ask at ebuyer/on here if you're not sure which to get! For the most part 400w will cover what you're looking for you could probably get away with 350, its when you start adding powerful graphics cards and sli etc that bumps it up.

As for getting the same parts for cheaper on scan the only way to find that out is to do a bit of shopping lol

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Ok well i will be internet shopping this week for the parts im gonna get, can i keep you peeps updated with what i get so you can help\advise me on the parts? Any suggestions welcome tho guys

As you live near Scan, that's ideal. Look on their ]Today/only page for the best offers - usually the prices featured here can't be beaten by any other retailer (for that day anyway).

I've always found Maplins poor value for money. For component-bundles/barebone-systems look on ]CCLonline & ]Novatech - each have a fairly good selection. Getting discounted items off Scan is likely to offer better overall value though.

]eBuyer do some good cases with PSUs that aren't too bad at all - Coolermaster & Antec are examples of ones to consider.

What's your budget? And what are all the components you require? Just a base system? Or, monitor & other peripherals included as well? What about an OS - have one already? Perhaps I can make a few suggestions you'd be interested in.

Taken from your post in another thread...


I'm also after a cheap hard drive

What size are you after?
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