PC possibly shorting out?

    And before anyone thinks I cant build pcs the reasons I think there is a problem is the case is 2 years old and got very badly bashed by courier in a house move and I spent about an hour with a hammer mending it.

    The pc isnt about the right shape give or take a slight bend, but it all works fine.

    However theres a issue when I ever take things out of the case(Since sometimes if its knocked the wireless card doesnt work without taking it out and putting it back in) and the pc gets no power, normally if I remove the sata power connectors the pc is suddenly able to turn on so it may just be the rail?

    However at the weekend I found a new issue as I broke the power button on the case so removed everything intending to put it in a new case, but then managed to find a replacement button so put that on and put everything back in including PSU.

    The same issues have come back but the PSU seems to often crackle for a second when turned on at mains or the on/off swtich on psu is pressed and there seems to be a short as when it crackles the green light on the board gets power for a second then dies and normally I take power cable out and put it back in tight it doesnt crackle and the board gets power.

    Any ideas?


    new case +1
    new psu +1

    could be faulty psu



    new case +1new psu +1could be faulty psu



    The psu shouldn't be crackling, I suggest you replace both the case and the psu

    A psu can kill you ,,,

    The case wouldnt need replacing, after all its just metal. I would advise a new PSU tho.

    Original Poster

    Yeah the psu has died totally now, no power at all and tested my 500W psu of the same brand and model and it worked first time.

    Got a free RMA from manufacturer but its in Europe so gonna be expensive.
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