pc power supply help

    hi i just went to put a new psu in to my sisters pc but noticed the atx plug is too big for her using my old psu from my quad core and putting it into her her athlon 64 3200, is there a adapter i can use to conver it or do i have to get a bew psu?



    Same thing, but from Amazon if you would prefer them:…QRW

    I'm wondering if you could perhaps just connect your 24 pin to the 20 pin socket on the motherboard and just have the last 4 pins 'hanging', unconnected off the end. Probably wouldn't work and would be safer to just get an adapter or different PSU which fits.

    You sure that the end 4 pins don't disconnect from the other 20 on the ATX connector? They often can clip or slide off leaving you the standard 20pin connector.

    Providing that there is nothing in the way, it should be possible to use the 24 pin PSU connector on a 20 pin motherboard connector with the 4 surplus pins overhanging

    leave the 4 pins overhanging no problems
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