PC Pro magazine subscription - lowest price?

Found 4th Feb 2008
Currently paying £18 every 6 months for the CD version, lowest I've found so far is £20 for 6 months for the DVD version with £4.80 Quidco = £15.20 at the Magazine Group. So £30.40 a year, which is still a little high for me.

Not bothered if it's the CD or DVD version, as long as it's the lowest priced.

The 3 for £1 trials are not an option as they are not always available and I do not want to miss an issue by not timing it right- unless there's a foolproof way to do this!
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why not just do the "trial" 3 for £1 offer?
cancel. then repeat.
12 issues a year for £12!!!
Thanks, so even if I cancel after I've received the first issue, then re-apply, there will be an overlap of issues so I wouldn't miss any. But the problem with this is that the 3 for £1 offer is not available all year round, so I'd inevitably miss out at some point.

I'm happy paying a fair price for a year (say £20-25) and I don't want to take the pee too much but at £36 they are doing exactly that (it used to be about £26 a year up until last year).
Any suggestions?

I've just let my subscription expire because it went from £45 for 2 years to £37 for 1.

At the moment I'm buying it month by month, so I would ideally want to find a new subscription package.

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