PC Problem (Reboot Loop - Possibly faulty CPU?)

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Found 4th Apr 2009
Hia there, I've got an IBM S51 computer but there seems to be something wrong with it as it will just rev up all the way before getting into windows (you know status bar with xp logo) and then it just restarts.

The CPU fan seems to rev up to full speed each time too.... (but when it restarts it does it at the normal quiet speed and then slowly revs up...




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i've managed to get it to boot into a dsl live cd okay.. hmm..


try and get into safe mode by hitting F8 before the XP slider comes up.
If you can get in to safe mode, it may be a virus rather than a hardware problem.

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Seems to be as you said above, or the HDD or OS.

Tried my HDD in it and it works fine.....

And conidering its trying to run Vista home premium on 512mb of ram its doing pretty good....

Wont be hard drive, it would not boot into XP at all as it would fail at the BIOS check.
Sounds like a driver is failing, remove any peripherals you have connected, when in safe mode remove any software you may have installed recently. Be prepared to do a repair from the XP disk, copy off any data you want to keep first...

1.backup your data
2. reinstall/remaster windows using windows disc/recovery disc/hard drive partition (usually f8 (repair my computer)/f10/f11 on vista and f10/f11 on xp)

Job done....
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