can a virus get on ur computer and act like theres someone else stopping me get antivirus on there every click to do with antivirus it stops it dead in its track what can i do


    It can. Try doing a System Restore before you do anything too drastic. Take the computer back to a date you knew it was working ok. This does not always solve the problem, but worth a try.

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    it wont let me go back to any restore point , put on anti virus, go on the internet using words like avg antivirus ect now its stopped internet explorer altogether ive downloaded trials and wont let me open the folder wont let me format the harddrive and theres no option to completely wipe the computer !!!!

    have you done an online virus scan? try ]This
    do a disc cleanup
    Download install update and run ]this

    You can not format the pc while using it as formatting wipes the hard drive clean.

    can you start in safemode ok (press f8 at startup)

    Try SpyBot as mentioned above, although this program stopped my Internet Access until I uninstalled it. It should destroy the spyware though.

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    right in safe mode what do i do now

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is worth a try.…php
    Download the free version - you may have to do this on another PC and copy to a memory stick.
    Then just run it on the PC with the problems.


    right in safe mode what do i do now

    go start/run type msconfig and tick the box that says diagnostic startup. restart pc then try the above tips

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    Does anyone know were I can download a reboot disk for a Fujitsu siemans Scaleo P P340 i need Fujitsu Siemens Product Recovery CDROM and the Drivers and Utilities CD-ROM as the ones i had are lost :(.
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