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    I've two desktop PCs and looking to use one for some basic gaming... Both have 4GB RAM though I can increase it to 8GB if necessary. I'm not looking to put a dedicated GPU in as games I'll be playing will be a few years old. One has an i5-4460 processor and the other has an A8-5500 processor.

    I know the i5 is a much better chip, but I believe the integrated graphics is better on the A8. I'm no expert however so interested to see what more knowledgable people recommend.



    Even playing older games I'd get something like a 750ti. You can get it for < £50 used and it will make a huge difference.

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    Thanks for the comment, but I'm really looking to just find out which integrated card would be best as I'm really only doing very basic gaming and happy with low to medium settings.

    Some tests comparing the two here:…/12
    (the 4460 results will be similar to the other HD4600 results, probably closer to the i7 ones).

    The A8-5500 looks like it's the better choice but it is still rather slow and if the games are only a few years old then there will be some that it either won't run at all or only run at minimum image quality is a small window.

    Give it a go but as deaa says you can get substantially more performance for not that much money, a R7 260/360 or the equivalent 750ti is around three times as fast.

    If you're using it for basic games then the A8 would just take it over the i5, but for general computing tasks the i5 is far better. Or as said get a cheap gpu instead.
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