Pc Question - Esata port to test laptop hard disk?

Found 13th Mar 2011
Hi guys,

I've got an Esata port on the back of my motherboard.

Can I get an esata - sata lead that I can plug in via the back and plug in a hard disk to the sata end and test hard disks?

So my quesiton is, will the esata power the hard disk also?
As when you plug in a hard disk inside the pc, you use a connector off the psu and a sata lead to the mobo.

Cheers guys
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yes you can but not an esat lead does not power the drive, you will need a power lead also, if you are lucky there will be a spare inside the case but at that point you might as well just attach it inside
It depends how often you're going to be connecting drives, if it's just a one-off I'd just connect the drive internally to the PC as recommended above as there doesn't seem much point in spending money on parts to connect the drive if you're not going to use it more than once.

If you're likely to be testing different drives to the PC then you can get an esata caddy that you slot either laptop or desktop 3.5in drives into vertically. If you're wanting to use the laptop drive regularly externally you can get a small case with esata connectivity (USB lead is used for power).

Thanks for the replies guys.

Connecting inside isn't a problem, just thought if the esata would power it and connect it in one sort of thing I may as well give that a go.

If it's an eSATAp port and you have a power over eSATA cable you could
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