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Found 1st Jan 2009
I'm looking to upgrade from 1GB RAM (2x 512mb) to two 1GB RAM sticks but don't know what to go for, what would definately work in my PC and don't know how to find out, does it matter if my RAM at the amount runs at 333MHz and I but one that's 667MHz?

Heres the details of one 512MB RAM I have in my computer right now:
512MB IRX8 PC2 5300U 555-12-22

Anyone know what will be compatible with my computer, it runs on Vista?



goto crucial and use the memory advisor tool .

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goto crucial and use the memory advisor tool … goto crucial and use the memory advisor tool .[url]www.crucial.com/uk[/url]

Thanks for the reply, found out a few things I couldn't figure out,

Just wondering if this one at Play would be compatible with my PC?

It runs at 667 but my current one runs at 333, does that matter?

As long as its the same type of RAM, i.e ddr 2 then you should be fine. The memory will just run at the slower speed,

I say should be fine as sometimes (few and far between) certain memory doesn't like cerain motherboards, no real easy way to tell unless you try though, I imagine the crucial recommended stuff will be dearer, but it is guaranteed to work.
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