PC recommendation Witcher 3 Civ 6 - moving from 2012 Macbook pro

Posted 9th Feb
I'm an old gamer trying to get back into gaming, on a budget of £500 ish for a desktop. Have explored several threads posted by sarden84.

Was looking at this: cclonline.com/pc/…01/

I do not require 4K as I plan to hook the PC up to my 1080p living room TV via HDMI. I've been using a mid 2012 macbook pro so I'm not very fussy and I imagine most PCs would be a massive upgrade from what I have now.

I'd like to play the following games:
The Witcher 3 on high
Civ 6 on high
Team Fortress 2 (I told you I was old)

I need WiFi connectivity. I'd like something I can do some low level diy upgrades to in the future. Have upgraded RAM on my own before but no other experience beyond that. So building my own computer from scratch is not what I'm after.

Any help or links would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Be very careful with the GPU if you're using it in the living room. Some gpus are extremely noisy.
For Windows 10, use unregistered and put up with the watermark, buy an ebay key, or buy a key off one of the key resellers like SCDkey (check TechYesCity on youtube for discount code) or premiumcdkeys (youtuber Mike'sUnboxing discount code MU5).

For permanent Wifi use, I'd recommend a card, rather than a USB, as WiFi to PCI-E is likely to have less overhead than WiFi to USB interface to USB controller
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