PC recommendations for £500

    My PC blew up, but it was covered on the insurance.

    Unfortunately this came in the form of £500 of Comet vouchers

    Any recommendations on the best PC for around £500 (laptop or desktop) from Comet



    Well a laptop and desktop are totally different things. And you can get more for your money with a desktop than a laptop.

    For a desktop do you need a complete system (screen, keyboard etc) or do you have some parts.

    For a laptop - do you plan to carry it around, or will it always be in the one place (this makes a difference for screen size and weight)

    Most importantly, what do you want to do with it?

    Doing basic "office work" would need a totally different computer from "playing games".

    Original Poster

    Just need a base unit.. Have everything else.
    The selection of desktops at Comet is VERY limited!

    If a laptop, will be in 1 place. Won't be moving with it .

    Using it for general office / internet / with occasional video editing.

    i'd ask your insurance company for something other than comet vouchers as the choice is so limited (and not good).

    I don’t think anything other than Comet vouchers is an option. A friend had something very similar. Claimed on house insurance for a washing machine, had to pay the excess (ie send the insurance company another £100) but ended up with a nice Comet voucher for £460 when the cost of a equal machine was £260. The thing is you don’t have to spend all the voucher on the computer in this case. They spent way less and still have £200 left which can be used for any purchase before the voucher runs out (12 months I think) so to the OP I would buy an average desktop PC and keep the rest. You might even be able to sell the voucher on the auction site if you wanted. As i say this is all 2nd hand info but I wouldn’t get too bogged down with thinking you have to spend all the £500 on a PC. Don't think that’s the case. Once the claim has been settled and agreed by the insurance company you can basically do what you want with the voucher. Though I'm not sure I would try not even buying a PC at all.
    One final point, aren’t Comet vouchers accepted in other stores? Comet are part of a bigger group aren’t they?
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