PC requirements to play Yandere simulator

Posted 12th Nov 2017
My daughter is after a pc that will play yandere simulatior and steam games, but many of the gaming pcs are so overly priced. What sort of specs are we looking at that we can get for these sorts of games? It doesn’t need to be top of the range, but not laggy on these sort of games please
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Is this any good for a 12 yr old gamer who just likes games like above and five nights are freddys sort of games
Steam is unfortunately the biggest gaming platform around so it has a huge range of games on it. If you want a PC that will run anything you throw at it then I'd go for a RX 560 4GB as a minimum. Integrated graphics like that one are only around 1/3 of the speed. An RX 560 costs about £100 so shouldn't add too much to the cost.

"Yandere Simulator" appears to be still in development with no posted system requirements. Five Nights at Freddie's looks like a mobile game so should run on just about anything.
That CPU Series is not getting any love... the A10 9700 is an old generation (Bulldozer based) AMD for the new AM4 socket, and a stopgap solution until Ryzen based integrated graphics appear.

On AM4 socket, much better to go for Ryzen and a graphics card - while you could add one to an A10 9700, you're starting off with a vastly inferior CPU - a product line that deserves to be strangled at birth
you want a computer with a good graphics card good cpu good os good memory like 4gb ram and at least 500gb hard drive which is what my computer has and i can play steam games and it runs really well and you could maybe look on ebay
id say just save up some money buy a new gpu and cpu and stuff like that then find a local technician to be paid a small fee to get them installed thats what i did and i get people always going how do you run games that good on a computer that looks so crap
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