PC serious error problem. Any help, please.

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Found 2nd Oct 2006
My home PC - some 4-5 years old is a Packard Bell ixtreme Athlon- standard model from PC world with no updates etc. Windows XP keeps reporting back that it has recovered from a serious error, reporting the NVIDIA GE FORCE 4 MX440-SE as being responsible. It keeps restarting in a 'safe' mode with minimal graphics available, and when I change the settings on the displ;ay in control panel - the image flickers on the screen, struggleing to 'draw' before going Groundhog Day again ie serious error. Gulp! I am not that PC literate on the inside of the box. Is it readily fixable? Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanx in anticipation. A worried eggman.:-(

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try to uninstall nvidia drivers and clean the system using drivercleaner.net/
then download the new one from [url]www.nvidia.com[/url] and install them
see if that is working

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Many thax steffcip. I have altered the hardware accelerator (to the left).
Currently I am Stable. Ho, Ho.
I like your post, and if I may, I may need to PM U or post again - I respect your referral link - thank you. However, if U gain access to my 'puter over modem will U not have access to all my privacy contained therein. Plse do not think I am biting off my nose to spite my face - but 1 has 2 b careful - or is it a senior moment thing.
Could an unscrupulous person(not You, of course) take advantage of accessing my puter.

Eggman - you say you've not updated for 4-5 years. I guess you're talking about your hardware not software updates.

First of all make sure your computer is up to date by going to start, all programs and click on Windows update. Follow the instructions from there to download the latest software versions for your PC.

Secondly I would check the status of your graphics card in device manager. Right click on the 'My Computer' icon and choose manage. A seperate window will load with a 'device manager' option which you should click on. In the right hand side of the window click on the plus button next to display adaptors to see your graphics card. If Windows has a problem with it, it will display a yellow question mark icon next to it. Even if there is no question mark icon you can try to download a new driver by right clicking on it and choosing update driver.

Keep us updated as to how you get on in this thread

eggman I'm not that kind of guy to steal private docs etc but you don't know me and you can't trust me... the thing is I didn't ask you to let me in... I just posted how to repair/update your video driver... that help link is in my signature (and will be posted in all my posts)

and the link in my sig is not a referral link, it's just a link to a forum where I'm a MOD and I help people... check my profile... I have more than 3.5k posts and on this forum I have more than 800 posts

We believe you steffcip..honest LOL

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Many humble apologies steff, I really, really did not mean to cause offence. I went to your post where U offer support, diagnosis and help. I am not a techie person, but I do appreciate your post, thank you.

Bad knews, after making the hardware accelerator adjustment to the left on the sliding bar in display setting, the PC screen has gone black - nothing appears. I presume the hard disc contents are all secure - family phtos etc. Thanx Greg, I had not realised the update facility existed.
Windows has been reporting a problem for some time about the garphics card - even to the point, at the end, of advising to update the driver. I am sorry to say I turned a blind eye thro' ignorance , I suppose. That'l teach me, like all things in life - address them and do not sweep them under the carpet.
I have another 'puter I am using now - and I HAVE ACTIVATED THE SOFTWARE UPDATE - IT IS WORKING TOO! I have promised myself to become more computer literate, as to how they actually work and intend to start by having a external hard disc back up on a USB. Any ideas how I can get a safe mode running on the dead puter, as my daughter is off to Uni this Saturday, she is back home wednesday and I do not want to dissapoint her if she wants photos to take with her.
Thanx from a 'becoming a more enlightened eggman'.

It doesn't sound very good to me eggman but lets hope your data is OK...unless someone can come up with a better suggestion I suggest you remove the hard drive from the PC and fit it as the slave in your other PC..when you boot up you will then be able to see if the data is still there and back it up.

As far as the current state of play with your failed PC it may be a failed graphics card....I take it you have tested the monitor on your other PC to ensure it works properly. Have you a suitable graphics card on your other PC that you could transfer to the failed PC to see if it works with that???...you will have a AGP card in the Packard Bell so it must be the same format..not a PCI 16 card.

If it is a graphics card failure then you can get a basic replacement for about £20..cheaper if you buy second hand.

Take my advice.. it is imperitive that you back up your data..I've learned from past mistakes after a hard drive failure 3 years ago.

Buy yourself an external USB hard drive to store a copy of the contents of the hard drive on your PC.

All the best with your recovery efforts.

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thanx currychops, my other computer is a 4 year old Dell which has PC1 card slots - having looked at the operating manual, so I can't swap over.


thanx currychops, my other computer is a 4 year old Dell which has PC1 … thanx currychops, my other computer is a 4 year old Dell which has PC1 card slots - having looked at the operating manual, so I can't swap over.

That's a shame...so is the Dell fitted with a Sata or IDE hard drive?? as I expect the Packard Bell has an IDE drive ....if the Dell has Sata then you may have a problem fitting the IDE drive as I'm not sure that Dell Sata motherboards have an IDE socket?

Just to add ..all PCs have PCI card slots..it's a case of whetther the graphics card slot is AGP or PCI-E (express)?..I would think on a 4 year old DEll it would be the former?

Unless the Dell has on board graphics, as some didn't have a seperate AGP port I seem to remember.

Does the broken pc dispaly anything when it is turned on, ie, the bios version and memory check ? or is it totally blank.

If it's blank, sounds like the graphics card has died, as the bios info comes up before it loads the drivers.

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thanks Bobbajob. I will report back 2night, as when I got up this AM the wife had left a note on the PC - DO NOT USE. It had 'died' after I went to bed and she had tried to use the PC for her word processing. I will try it later and report back.

What a learning curve. Thanx everyone 4 helping.

Eggman - F8 will get you into safe mode. Try this before anything else and then have a look in device manager when it has loaded. Keep pressing f8 when you see the Windows XP screen during bootup and you should get the menu options.

Good luck!

How are you getting on Eggman? Have you fixed it?

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I have found standard Gforce 4 driver from the above link and intend to load them, once deleting the old ones using Steffcips discleaner(thanx Steff). I asume these aR the corretc drivers for the MX440-SE. Fingers crossed.

I have the safe mode up and running on the PC and hope to save all my very important files 2 night before proceeding further and reloading the new drivers. I don't believe there is anyhard disk corruption. If that fails I will look to get a repalcement card, as recommended above, to see how I get on with that. However I am very hopeful that the new drivers will solve the problem. Had a look inside the case - very interesting - lots of space and pro rata the motherboard and other hardware was much, much smaller than I anticipated. I'm looking forward to really getting to know how everything works and relates and to my becoming more PC literate.
Will post back as soon as I have carried out all of the above. Thank you everyone for your input and kind advice.


May I suggest you use the above link to download the graphics driver..I'm assuming that you are running Windows XP on your PC?

All the best with the driver upgrade and keep us posted about your progress.

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thanx currychops - due to my daughter going to Univesity 2morrow I won't be attempting new driver installation until Saturday?Sunday at the earliest(family off to York with her for the day). Will report back ASAP.


thanx currychops - due to my daughter going to Univesity 2morrow I won't … thanx currychops - due to my daughter going to Univesity 2morrow I won't be attempting new driver installation until Saturday?Sunday at the earliest(family off to York with her for the day). Will report back ASAP.

Cheers eggman...York is one of my favouite English cities....I was there at least once a month when I lived in Harrogate....enjoy your day out.

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Gr8 news. Took the PC to Maplin - the manager replaced the AGP card with a bigger 128MB, tested it in store and declared it mended. He only charged me £39.99 the price of the card as advertised, and wished me good luck. I'm now up and running. What a very, very nice young man. I am now working again. PC world, my 1st port of call where I bought the puter from 4 £800 wanted to charge me up to £59.99 to PC clinic check the machine and stated it was a PCI card problem - wrong. Shop at Maplin in the future I will. How easy it all looked when the helpful manager took the old card out and replaced it with the new 1 - me I was lost. I did upgrade the drivers first from the links before going walkabout- how cool was that. PS PC world were selling Compaqe presario tower systems(stand alone £300 - 3500 Athlon, 80gig hard, 512 RAM, 256 Radeon card, Works 8 etc, etc. which I thought was good value. Sleep tight and thanx again everyone.

Good news Eggman. Glad you got it fixed.

Yes congrats on the fix.

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Can U plse close this thread mods. Thanks 2 the community for helping me. Regards.
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