PC Sound Fluctuation Issue

Found 27th Jul 2010
Any ideas what can cause sound fluctuations? It's doing my head in! I have reformatted too.. still not resolved.

On Windows 7 Pro 32bit using X-Fi Xtreme Audio.
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what do you mean exactly
crackles, ? or levels of sound ? can you better describe & anything else
You're not alone... Sounds like a config issue.

Possible solution: neowin.net/for…es/
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Which speakers are you using? My Creative 5.1 speakers have a dodgy volume control that randomly adjusts the volume & needs a whack to go back to the correct level.

Other than that, look at the SVM options in Creative Audio Control Panel
Or get some better drivers if you do not have SVM in the control panel (creative software one) as well as turning off crystaliser and CMSS.

Also run the creative diagnostic and then reset to defaults.
As well as trying some other playback software (other than Windows media plater ) were Srs maybe enabled.

Try media player classic or VLC or just winamp to play mp3
Sound becomes lower, then higher, even on the PS3 running through the card and the speakers - Would try onboard, but the surround sound levels are substantially poorer.

Also, I have logitech X540's
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can you run anything directly through the speakers to rule them out as a cause of the problem?
Yeah, I'll try with my MP3 player

Played 3 song's.. all play ok! So rules out the speaker's atleast!
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Ok, so Crystalizer, CMSS-3D and EAX effects are all disabled. Infact, everything is disabled. Still happening.
is there anything on the x540 control pod. eg turn off matrix eg the dolby pro logic feature to upmix 2 channel to 4 channel
what software are you playing music on in pc that you are noticing this >?
night mode, normalise mode, srs wow,
It's on Itunes. But it was also on the PS3 too. So would rule out ITunes causing it.

I'll just try and reinstall the drivers
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you using 2 channel RCA or optical in on XFI

as in have you got an I/o plate or I/o drive eg what creative used to call live drive

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use the creative software update program first from their website (as taking creative drivers out cleanly and having success with it is VERY limited)
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You will need to accept and then accept software Active x if they still use it then run again etc
Yeah I have just run that, same drivers as i have. Installing a so called "Critical" update for windows 7 though.. Should be recommended if anything. Creative Alchemy?
I'm running the 2.1, and the software is producing the same output through to 5.1

I would leave REP, but dunno how to on the new layout
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Changed the PCI Slot, and dusted it down abit. Seems ok for now! Touch wood
Is it sort of like a throbbing sound that is made?
When i played anything through them, such as music, or the PS3.. the sound level would be at the right volume, and it would suddenly self adjust and reduce. It would then go back up the correct volume. Always at random intervals. Very annoying.. But like i say, touch wood!
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