PC Sound issues - what to buy?

Found 23rd Nov 2017
My self built PC (extremely powerful) is having sound latency issues, I have bought three new headsets and mics and doesn’t affect the latency.

Would buying an in builder sound card fix the problem - I don’t think it’s a software issue from internal testing

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I would say its a software option that you don't want selected.

Could have a look at;
High dpc latency is causes the issue. Most likely something like overclocking software.
Do a search for high dpc latency and check your software against known programs.
Are the headsets USB? What do you mean by latency. A delay? Usually you can get cracks and pops too.


Run this software to see if you can isolate it. It could be USB driver related, for example my mouse was causing issues in a USB 3.0 port

DPC latency can be effected by graphics cards too.
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Go for a usb DAC
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