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Found 11th Apr 2005
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a decent set of speakers for my new PC at a reasonable price. But having no clue on what to look for, I need some help !!

I'm also after a good set of ear phones with a mic attached for those all important Counterstrike sessions, so if any1 can recommend anything it would be appreciated,

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[color=darkblue]My personal choice for a computer speaker system, is Edifier. The only place I've been able to find them is at PC Next Day.[/color]

[color=blue]CLICK HERE - 2.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM[/color]

[color=blue]CLICK HERE - 5.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM[/color]

[color=darkblue]The best thing about Edifier, is the casing of each speaker, is made from MDF [wood], which helps produce a much cleaner sound. The sub woofer gives out a really effective bass, this improves the overall sound.

Whether the 2.1 or 5.1 is your choice, both are measured in RMS which is the "true" wattage measurement for quality sound.

If you type in "edifier" using the search above, you should be able to find some previously listed in Hot Deals forum.

For £35.00p to £40.00p [about]. they're well worth the money.[/color]
I use Speed Link Medusa 5.1 Surround Headset SL-8790 ([url]www.play.com[/url]) .
They're good as long as you have a soundcard that can output via 3 physical channels (line-in, line-out, speaker). NVIDIA SoundStorm can do this, however you may need to add an extra sound card if you use your mic channel as an output.

[url]www.speedlink.de[/url] for information and support.

Got mine for arond 35GBP, but Play is now charging 39GBP
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