PC Speakers: Logitech or Creative??

Found 28th Jan 2011
Had been looking for a set of reasonably priced fairly good quality PC speakers for under £20 but, from what I've seen and reviews I've read, looks like I would be better off spending a little bit more as the cheaper ones are, well, cheap and nasty and could grate on the ears.

Quite like the idea of the following 2;
Logitech Z323 (2.1) Around £35
Creative Inspire T10 Multimedia Speaker (2.0) Around £30

Bit out of budget so was wondering if anyone out there has had experience using either of them or can offer an alternative.

(Have seen the Sony ones listed earlier on HUKD, £14.99 @ Dixons but they are white and overall get poor reviews)
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On paper, the Logitech speakers are better.

6 watt satellites
40Hz - 20kHz frequency response

5 watt satellites
80Hz - 20kHz freq response

and the Logitech ones come with a subwoofer
Thanks for this post and the last one you gave me.

Just found X210 for £25 might be a good compromise as is £10 cheaper than Z323 but still seem good value/quality for the money? But Z323 newer model has something called 360 degree sound technology!!
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yeah, looks like a good compromise. Still better than the Creatives despite being cheaper!

can't comment on the "360 degree sound technology" but I know it'd be useless for me as I sit in front of my computer, not behind it! Can't think that many people keep their computers in the middle of a room and walk round the back of it!
Seems like the ones you have got 230s were great value but can't find them anywhere but after much more searching I have found these but I haven't really heard of Trust as a brand but they are newer than 210s so possibly better technology plus I think there is still a code kicking around for £5 off, bonus if it works.

Your opinions are appreciated.
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